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The Curtiss Museum exhibits a significant collection of wooden boats, largely dating from the 1870s t0 1970s

Gar Wood Curtiss Design, Airships, Inc.JamestownPenn Yan Car Top BoatBen Reno Style RowboatDisProPilgrim Rowboat, natural finishPenn Yan Cat-Style RowboatPenn Yan ImperialSutherland Double-ended RowboatPaper BoatPenn Yan Atlantic 18 Outboard Runabout
Gar Wood

Gar Wood "Baby Gar" 55 "Gentleman's Runabout"


Names the Virginia Dare, this 33-ft inboard runabout, 6000 lbs. was capable of speeds up to 60 mph.  It had a long career on Keuka Lake and was restored by Mark Bennett and donated to the museum in July 2013