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Museum and History Resources

Aviation Museums

Air Zoo
Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Air Zoo features history's greatest aircraft, full-motion flight simulators and a 4-D theater.

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Dedicated to the preservation of Atlantic Canada's Aviation Heritage.

The Aviation History On-line Museum
Aircraft, airmen, engines, early years, construction, theory.

Canadian Museum of Flight
Bringing British Columbia's aviation past to the future.

Carolinas Aviation Museum
Dedicated to preserving the aviation heritage of both North and South Carolina.

College Park Aviation Museum
Located on the grounds of the world's oldest continuously operating airport in College Park, MD.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Living museum of antique airplanes, located in Rhinebeck, N. Y.

National Museum of the USAF
Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio

National Soaring Museum
In Elmira, N. Y.

New England Air Museum
At the Bradley International Airport- Windsor Locks, CT.

Glenn Curtiss Annual Seaplane Homecoming
In honor of Glenn Hammond Curtiss, who inspired men to pursue Seaplane development.

Temora Aviation Museum
Historical military aircraft flown by or in conjunction with Australian military forces.

Wings of Eagles
At the Corning/Elmira airport.

Wings of History
Lists several aviation museums throughout the United States and the World.

Regional Museums

Corning Glass Museum
Visit the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY

Pedaling History Bicycle Museum
Located in Orchard Park, New York, features one of the world's largest collections of antique and classic American bicycles.

Rockwell Museum of Western Art
The finest collection of American Western and Native American art in the East.

Curtiss History

USS Curtiss AV-4
Honors Glenn Curtiss' namesake, the gallant Seaplane Tender and her intrepid veterans.

Descriptions of more than 11,000 types of US aircraft including all those by Curtiss

Aviation Heritage
An excellent site containing, among other things, biographical data and pictures of Glenn Curtiss.

The Curtiss Wright Corporation
Includes an excellent history of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers.

Curtiss P-40
The Aviation Group provides a history of the Curtiss P-40.

Glenn H. Curtiss
Produced by Jack Carpenter, author and Curtiss champion, offers many Curtiss related photographs and documents.

Glenn Curtiss, Father of Naval Aviation
Created by the Glenn Curtiss Historical Society and is based primarily on the writings and photographs of John H. Whitney, personal secretary and photographer to Glenn Curtiss.

The First Across Organization
Reproducing the Navy-Curtiss NC4 flying boat, first to cross the Atlantic.

Aviation Related

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology And Research (ALLSTAR)
For grades 4-14, history, science principles and research related to aeronautics/aviation field.

American Aviation Historical Society
Dedicated to preserving for future generations a detailed record of aviation events and milestones that have shaped the development and use of aviaiton.

Flying Tiger Heritage Park
Joint project between the Americans and Chinese people honoring the Flying Tigers and CBI veterans.

International Republic Seabee Owners Club
Dedicated to the continued longevity of the Republic Seabee (RC-3).

NASA Allstar Network
Aviation history, principles, careers.

The Ninety-Nines
International Organization of Women Pilots

Warbirds Resource Group
Historical resource for military history and World War II historical purposes.

Certificate of Excellence
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