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Warehouse 53
March 7 - September 1
March 7, 2014

Old Engines Day
Engines and motors of all sorts
May 11, 2014

Naval Aviation Centennial 1911 - 2011            

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WAREHOUSE 53 - Adventure in the Cinema - March 7-Sept. 1, 2014

If you love the daring movie exploits of rogue archeologists and fearless treasure hunters perilously searching exotic lands and combing the far reaches of the earth for riches beyond imagination, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum has an adventure for you!

Come join us for a trip through our Warehouse 53 exhibit, where you will see original props and costumes from some of the most iconic adventure films and television shows that have thrilled and amused audiences around the world.

And while you’re at it, why not pose for a photo in one of our special displays as one of these intrepid adventurers in a long-lost temple snatching a gold idol, or unearthing an ancient South American statue to complete your visit. So put on your favorite fedora, grab your camera and we’ll see you here!

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Incorporated in 1961, the Curtiss Museum is dedicated to bringing before the public the accomplishments of early motorcycle manufacturer and aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Located on State Route 54 at Hammondsport, the museum houses a priceless collection of historic aircraft, motorcycles, and other artifacts of Curtiss origin. The museum also exhibits items of local historical significance including boats, winemaking equipment, firearms, house-wares, tools, toys, and 19th century fire fighting equipment. In addition to seeing the museum displays and exhibits, visitors are welcome to visit the Restoration Shop, talk with volunteer craftsman and watch them as they work on the restoration of historic aircraft.